Stefanie Bell, Trustee
Park County School District Number 6
Cody, Wyoming

      Stefanie Bell, Trustee                

Stefanie Bell, Republican Candidate
Wyoming State Senate   

Stefanie Bell
Proven - Determined -  Leadership

Cody Enterprise

Bell brings 20 years experience to board


Proven Leadership!

I have shown dedication and an unwavering commitment during 20 years on the board. 

I have done the work, and walked the walk. 

The education of our children deserves our best effort. 

Nothing has changed. 

Our district has implemented our Safe Start plan and we have been successful due to the cooperation of staff, students, and community. We will continue to face obstacles related to the COVID pandemic. We will adjust as needed to keep kids safe. 

We must place our children's needs first and work together to ensure a safe healthy educational environment.

Park County School District No 6 offers educational excellence and I am proud to have served the students in the Cody, Wapiti, and Valley communities for 20 years.

My Priorities are-

  • A Safe and Continuous School Year in a traditional classroom setting.
Our community must make student success a priority by following CoVID guidelines, monitoring our health, and protecting others.

  • Consistent, Efficient Communication with Park 6 parents, patrons, and community.The addition of the Park6 app and improved website is only the beginning. Quality notifications and increased communication are essential to building relationships with parents, guardians, and our community..
  • Accountability
The education of our students requires the recruitment, retention, and growth of an excellent professional staff.

  • Student Opportunities
Park 6 offers students quality academic programs, every athletic opportunity, and many activities. My budgetary knowledge and experience are essential to retaining student opportunities, which are the keys to a successful future.

Park County School District Number 6 

serves all the students in the 

western portion of Park County 

Park 6 includes the communities up the Northfork and the Southfork. 

I am proud to be an advocate for Wapiti and Valley Schools and students. 

I will always advocate for all Park 6 students.

Park No. 6 Board Leadership and Experience 

Park County School District No. 6 Trustee 2000- present

Served as Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer 


-   Curriculum Leadership Council 2003-2017

-   Teacher Evaluation Committee 2010-2017

-   Interest Based Problem Solving (Negotiations) 2000-Present

-   Participatory Management Council 2005- 2014

-   Policy Committee ( 2019-Present)

-   Facilities Committee


- Cody Middle School

- Cody High School

- Eastside School

- Sunset School 

- Valley School 

- Wapiti Elementary 

Awards and Recognition 

Wyoming School Board Association

-  Certified Member Recognition, 2003

-  Award of Distinction Level I, II, III

-  Leadership in Learning Level I, II, III

-  Certified Master Board Member, 2015

-  WSBA Hall of Fame 2016

Wyoming Association of School Administrators

-  All Wyoming School Board, 2014

Wyoming Education Advocacy

I am an advocate for Wyoming’s public educational system and community colleges. I have successfully worked with local legislators to pen bills and gain sponsorship resulting in increased awareness of issues, added protections for teachers and expanded opportunities for Wyoming students.

Wyoming School Board Association Legislative Liaison 2005-Present

Park County School District Wyoming School Board Association Delegate 2006-2019

Educational Advocacy

District Leadership & Wyoming Leadership

Wyoming State Legislation Enacted

HB 138 Sponsor Representative Northrup 

Co-Sponsors - Representative Freeman, Harvey, Krone, and Larsen Senators Coe and Driskill 

Inclusion of Special Education Teachers within the category of extra hazardous for Worker’s Compensation Act. 

Passed 3/2/2015 

Enrolled Act HEA69 Signed by Governor Matt Mead

SF101 Sponsor Senator Coe

Co-Sponsors - Senators Landers and Von Flatern

Representatives Bonner, Childers, McOmie, and Teeters

Expanded use of the Hathaway Scholarship beyond two years at Wyoming Community Colleges. 

Passed 3/2/2011

Enrolled Act SEA0063 Signed by Governor Matt Mead