Stefanie Bell, Trustee

Park County School District Number 6

      Stefanie Bell, Trustee                

Stefanie Bell, Republican Candidate
Wyoming State Senate   

Use of Personal Information in my Campaign -

The collection and use of personal information is a serious issue. 

You deserve to know my procedures and process to keep your 

information save and secure. 

You also deserve to know the requirements of any statewide 

candidate in reporting expenditures and contributions.

Wyoming's Requirements of Candidates -
Wyoming requires all statewide candidates, candidate committees, 
political action committees, organizations and political parties to file electronically online using this system. Reports for candidates running 
for federal office can be viewed at
My Senate Campaign filings is listed there.

Non-partisan candidates (School Board) file their contributions and expenditures at the county courthouse. 
General election filing date deadline is October 27, 2020

Candidate and Campaign Committee Reporting Deadlines -  
Financial Statement of Contributions & Expenditures Reporting 

General Election Deadline – October 27, 2020. 

Primary – August 28, 2020. 

General - November 13, 2020

It is the responsibility of every candidate to accurately record, report, and adhere to Wyoming election law.

Reporting of Expenses and Contributions -

Financial reporting requires the name of any contributor and their city and state.

Voter data is available to official candidates after requesting the information from county or state election officials. 
I pledge to use the names and addresses obtained through the Park County Elections Office only for the direct communication with registered voters in Park County District 18. All voter information obtained will be destroyed following the 2020 General Election.
Stefanie Bell