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Hot Topic - September 28, 2020

Policy CKA 

Candidate Tim Lasseter asks the question about the board's reasoning for not including bus drivers in Rule CKA.
Here is my answer -

The changes in Rule CKA are:

1. Rule CKA includes the Park 6 classified staff which increases the number of eligible employees by about 150 individuals.

2. Rule CKA changes the required number of consecutive years of service from two to five years. The board added a provision allowing a request for applications from individuals with less than five but more than 2 years of service.

3. The estimated staff affected by the increased years of employment (2-5 years) is estimated to be thirty employees.

4. The decision to allow bus drivers to apply was debated at a number of meetings. Public input was considered while working the policy and there were revisions that included bus drivers in the policy. The final proposal does not include bus drivers as eligible applicants. Additional safety devices and training have been added to our safety plans for busses.

Reasoning -
The Federal Gun Free School Zone Act (GFSZA) is still federal law. It prohibits any person from knowingly possessing a firearm a distance of 1,000 feet from the grounds of a public, parochial or private school that provides elementary or secondary education. The board openly considered the danger for bus drivers who may violate the GFSZA while conducting their duty. The board considered that the confidentiallity of an approved bus driver could be compromised if implemented due to the GFSZA.

This situation could have ocurred two weeks ago when Powell's Bus Barn was on fire. Park6 busses left Cody immediately and transported Powell students home from their schools. Any Park6 bus driver would have been in violation of the law had they carried a firearm within 1,000 feet of PCSD1 property. There is no protection in Wyoming State statute for school employees approved to carry.
If this is unexceptable to you, please call your legistator.